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First Visit

There is an age-old adage that says; there is always a first time for everything. Visiting a dentist for the first time can be exciting or frightening. Choosing the right dental office is important to the oral health of a person to prevent any foreseeable complications and assure a positive experience. That is where the office of Joseph Dautremont, DDS comes into play. Dr. Dautremont is a graduate of UCLA that has been recognized by Los Angeles Magazine as one of the Top Dentists in 2014 of South California. He specializes in Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Emergency Dentistry, Family Dentistry, and Minimally Evasive Dentistry.

What to Expect on the First Dental Visit?

The first consultation is expected to be short and light. This is the time in which you need to make yourself feel comfortable in our office. Making yourself comfortable on their first visit will play an important role in your future appointments. You can expect us to go into detail about the essential steps of oral health care, good dental habits, and your medical history. We will do a basic oral examination, checking for tooth decay, reviewing all of your teeth and existing restorations and searching for any gum problems.

Going to the dentist is not something that people necessarily like to do, but once tooth problems arise, everyone regrets putting off coming to see us. According to studies, about 40 million Americans avoid going to see the dentist due to nervousness and the feeling of being edgy. Also, research also finds that in the last four decades, dental anxiety is affecting 29.2 percent of adults and 43 percent of the children.

What You Can Expect From Us

While most oral healthcare professionals can make a broad guess on potential causes of your oral problems without an examination, we feel that it is always better to see what is going on before we hazard a guess. We will always answer any questions that you have and explain, in detail, what you can expect from treatment because any type of work is done.

Just like with any skilled profession, from mechanics to surgeons, the equipment being used is an essential part of the equation. We feel that using the latest, and the best, medical equipment is essential to providing exceptional quality dental care. We stay on top of all of the newest technology and techniques to ensure that we are providing all of our patients with the safest, most effective service to all of the treatments we offer, including:
•  dental bonding.
•  Dental implants.
•  Dental inlays and onlays.
•  Composite fillings.
•  Root planting.

Education is an important part of any profession, as in experience. Dr. Dautremont has been practicing for more than three decades and is just one of the 1800 dentists worldwide to have been recognized as a Master in the Academy of General Dentistry. This means that you can rest assured that you are getting the expert care you deserve, by working with one of the best in the world. Call the office of Joseph Dautremont, DDS at (818) 570-8525 to schedule your appointment today.

Joseph Dautremont, DDS, MAGD
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