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Children's Dentistry

Convincing a child to go the dentist is as tough as persuading them to go to school. It takes time for them to start doing something out of their comfort zone. Studies show that the fear of the unknown plays a vital role in the behavior of the child during dental procedures. However, once a kid feels the sense of security which is tough to accomplish, everything will be set for the next steps. At the office of Joseph Dautremont, DDS, we will look to do just that as we will not only cure the dental problems of your child but also make them feel safe during the process.

When Should You Bring a Child to the Dentist?

Get it done before the age of one. The American Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggest that the first visit of the kid should be not later than the age of two to prevent dental problems at the earliest possible time. It is also the best prevention to common child dental problems, such as sensitive teeth, bad breath, thumb sucking, grinding, gum disease, wisdom teeth, dental anxiety and tooth decay which happens to be the most common chronic disease among children. The first visit is about building trust not only with the parents and the office but also between your child and our dentist. It is also not uncommon for our dentist will ask to be alone with your kid for a couple of minutes. This will help them gain your child’s confidence and faith in someone that they are unfamiliar with.

Preparing Your Child

However, preparing the child for the big day can be easier said than done, but is an excellent way for them learn that they are going to be free from danger. Displaying a positive attitude towards the upcoming visit can be contagious. The more relaxed and easy-going you are about the visit, the more your child is going to mirror your behavior. This means a much easier appointment all around for everyone involved, but more important, your child.

Once your child feels protected and at ease with the environment, we will start examining for problems in your child’s mouth, such as tooth decay, gum infection and further complications that may cause speech and chewing problems to your child. Also, we will also discuss fluoride use and proper nutrition with you and your child. We will also go over how good oral hygiene practices and the importance of good oral hygiene.

Your Child’s First Dental X-Ray

As your child reaches the age of three to five years old, the United States Food and Drug Administration and the American Dental Association encourage dentists to take x-rays of the teeth to immediately identify dental problems that are not seen with the naked eye. Also, it is also advisable for children to have regular dental exams to help monitor and track any oral conditions they encounter. We strongly recommend 6-month checkups, however, if there is a dental emergency or a problem that you would like us to look at, do not hesitate to come and see us.

If you need to make an appointment to have someone look over your child’s teeth, then contact the office of Joseph Dautremont, DDS today at (818) 570-8525.

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